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FBISD Issues

I have 20+ years of experience in the corporate world and have helped numerous companies (small and large) in solving some of their most complex challenges.  I am experienced in developing long-term multi-year plans and helping with the execution of those plans

Our Approach

Short and Mid Term

  1. If you start at the school, you finish at the school
  2. Temporary classrooms are better than the frequent rezoning madness
  3. Upgrade our schools and transform temporary classrooms into bricks and mortar

Our Approach

Mid and Long Term

  1. Build more schools
  2. We have a feeder system for sports, how about a feeder for STEAM  (Transform ALL our schools into “Centers of Excellence”)

Transparency & Facts

Drive transparency in decision making.  This includes making data available in advance (as much as possible) prior to meetings.


Ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn & develop and the educators have the resources necessary to deliver on this promise.


Build a feeder system for STEAM while strengthening our sports/athletic feeder system.

Please support me and join me as together we will succeed.

I am not a politician but rather a citizen who has experience in solving tough challenges through data-driven analysis fact-based decision making.  I will apply what I have learnt (and continue to learn) to drive change with the ultimate objective of delivering a brighter future for our children.